This page is dedicated to Timmie (Rosegrove Forever Special).  Timmie was born on 4th September 2004.  At 10 days old I took him into the vet at 11pm with breathing difficulties and he was croaking.  I was sure he was going to die that night.  The vet told me that he had pneumonia and that the next 48 hrs were going to be crucial.  I sat up with him that night and fed him with a dropper because he choked easily.  He attended the vet every day to get injections to help clear the fluid from his lungs.  As if that was not enough, he then took salmonella.  After many visits to the vet and a lot of TLC,  Timmie grew into a healthy pup.
In February 2005, Timmie was well enough to go to a new home.  He is now living happily with a nice family in Portstewart.
This is a message to anyone with a small, sick pup.  Never give up hope.  They are little fighters.
Below are some photos of Timmie growing up
This is a photo of Timmie at 3 weeks old and just weighing 16oz.  At 3 weeks old, he is still the weight that he was when he was born.
This is Timmie getting weighed to see if he is starting to put on weight yet
This is Timmie lying on his back with his toys.  He is now on the mend.
This is Timmie now eating normal puppy food
This is a photo of Timmie with his litter brother.  This shows the difference in size of the two pups
Timmie is now starting to grow up
This is a photo of Timmie as an adult.  He is now a normal sized golden retriever.
Here are some up to date photos of Timmie at 5 years old which I took when I went to visit him.




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