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I got my first golden retriever in 1989.  At that time my granny had a lovely six month old golden retriever from the Greenwards kennel and I knew that that was the breed for me.  At that time my aunt was showing Old English Mastiffs and I enjoyed going to some shows with her, so then I decided that I would like to show Golden Retrievers.
I went to my first show in June 1990 and I have shown ever since whenever I have had the time.
I dont get to as many shows as I would like, because of other commitments.
All my present day dogs go back to Golmas Gilded Rose at Rosegrove and Golmas Glimmer of Hope for Rosegrove, both from the well known Golmas kennel in Wigan.  I met Bernard Catterall in February 1998 at Manchester Championship Show whenever I was over on holiday.  I wanted to go to the show to see the Golden Retrievers.  Bernard was showing two bitches that day that I really liked so I booked a puppy.  
I really like owning this lovely breed who are always so loving and affectionate and make such great pets.





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